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by MEL 


Semi Permanent Makeup (also know as Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup) is an aesthetic treatment with the aim to beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonize the contours of the face, therefore giving an elegant, natural, and youthful appearance. Mel's passion is to enhance your natural beauty with Semi Permanent Makeup! She offers a variety of treatments such as Eyebrows (hair stroke, block & feather brow), Eyeliner and lips (lip liner and full lip colour/blush)

Semi-Permanent Make-Up is an advanced procedure which involves implanting pigments into the dermis.  It is perfect if you have a busy schedule or enjoy the gym, clients who have allergies or are suffering from alopecia, or a client who likes to look their best at all times with very little effort.  Basically this treatment is suitable for everyone.

All prices include a consultation, initial treatment, top up treatment 4-6 weeks later & aftercare.

Please allow 2-3 hours for your procedure

To optimise desired results I incorporate and focus on balancing asymmetrical aspects of the face and correcting uneven features.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to treatments 2 patch tests will need to be done to check for allergic reactions to the topical numbing gels and pigments.  Also a medical questionnaire needs to be completed to ensure that a Semi Permanent Cosmetic treatment is safe for you to have done



  • FEEL CONFIDENT EVERYDAY - Semi Permanent Makeup will boost your confidence. You no longer have to worry about going out without any makeup on.


  • NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL - Semi Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation will beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonize your natural facial features giving you a more youthful appearance.


  • ALOPECIA - If you suffer from alopecia Semi Permanent Makeup can greatly benefit you. Mel can create natural eyebrows and subtle eyeliner to give you back what you lost.


  • NO MORE APPLYING MAKEUP - Semi Permanent Makeup is perfect for those with busy lives who want to save time each morning putting makeup on before they leave for work.


£295.00  (price includes top up treatment 4-6 weeks later)

Well shaped eyebrows, given the attention to detail they deserve, can lift your eyes, give you a more youthful appearance, make your cheekbones appear more prominent and overall make you look and feel more confident.


The appointment starts with a personal one-to-one consultation before Mel begins the actual procedure. Usually this is part of your initial appointment or if you prefer a separate appointment can be made to discuss your wishes, expectations & the look you are trying to achieve.

During the consultation Mel will discuss the different techniques available (including Microblading), colours, design & will advise you on which brow design would suit you & enhance your facial features the most. This is a very important part of your treatment, you will never be rushed as Mel wants to make sure that you are 100% happy before continuing with any treatment.

Mel will also run through some of your medical data to make sure that there are no contraindications for your treatment. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us hence this forms an integral part of the consultation.


Using a very fine needle, the permanent makeup procedure gives the effect of individual hair strokes producing very natural looking brows. Sometimes in combination with a powder effect to give the brows more ‘body’, eyebrows that are sparse from tweezing, very fair in appearance or just need the shape defining relieving you of that daily chore of drawing them on, can all benefit.

People that have experienced hair loss due to alopecia or medical treatment following cancer can also get huge benefits from this procedure, making it one less thing in the day to worry about!


  • FULLER BROWS - Semi Permanent Makeup can create more defined brows by adding a hue of colour behind the brow for a more defined shape and fuller look.

  • SPARSE BROWS - If you have sparse brow hair or no hair at all, this treatment will give you back your brows and bring back harmony to your face

  • LIFTING EFFECT - By placing your brows in the right place, instantly lifts the face, opens up the eyes and creates a more youthful look, almost like a mini facelift!

  • COST EFFECTIVE - Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrows completely replaces the need for cosmetics, tinting, brow shaping and HD brows saving you money! (Grey/light brow hairs will still need tinting)

Semi-permanent makeup is perfect for clients who require a very low maintenance treatment with just one visit to a salon once every 12-18 months for a retouch procedure. It is the only solution for clients with very little pre-existing hair, alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy or other medical conditions. For clients who are looking for a more permanent, low maintenance, cost friendly treatment then semi-permanent makeup is the right choice for you.


Initial treatments usually take around 2-3 hours (consultation included) and there is no downtime with this procedure. Your brows can look a bit darker in the first few days and will scab a little but that’s it.

An appointment is made for 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment to check the colour and perfect where necessary. This is included in the price. All you have to do now is book your appointment. Contact Mel who will do her best to answer any questions you might have and discuss how she can help you achieve perfect brows.

SPMU eyebrows.JPG
SPMU brows.JPG
SPMU brows.JPG
SPMU brows.JPG
SPMU colour boost block brow.JPG


Top Up (18-24 Months Later)



Eyeliner (Top)

Eyeliner (Bottom)

Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)




eyeliner colourboost.jpg


Top Up (18-24 Months Later)


Semi Permanent Make Up Eyeliner.JPG

Colour Boost - Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner can be extremely difficult. Therefore more people are discovering the advantages of Semi Permanent Eyeliner or similarly, Eyelash Enhancement. NO MORE SMUDGED EYELINER!!

The initial treatment usually takes around 2-3 hours (consultation included) and there is no downtime with this procedure. Your eyelids will swell a little in the first few days and will scab a little, but that’s it.

As with all the SPMU treatments at Melanie Jayne's Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic, a follow up appointment is made for 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment to check the colour and perfect where necessary. This is included in the price. Contact Mel who will do her best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


As women lead such hectic lives, it’s no wonder we can feel that we don’t always look our best! Applying eyeliner can be extremely difficult and this is why more people are discovering the advantages of Semi Permanent Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement.




  • Clients with pale eyes.

  • Clients with oily skin causing make-up to smear.

  • Clients with small eyes needing definition and shape.

  • Contact lens wearers.

  • Clients who suffer with sensitive eyes or poor eyesight.


Top and bottom eyelids can be enhanced with fine or wide lines, tapered or dotted in- between lashes, giving eyes beautiful definition and making eyelashes look thicker. We all know how make-up can transform a face yet few have the natural ability to know what compliments their features. In just one hour Mel can provide you with a professional make-over that will last for years!



  • SMUDGE PROOF - No more smudged eyeliner on holiday,  this eyeliner will stay in place all day long! In and out of the pool without having to worry, simply enjoy the moment.


  • DEFINITION - From a subtle eyelash enhancement to creating the look of fuller looking lashes. A SPMU Eyeliner treatment will define, enhance & accentuate your natural eyes.

  • NO MORE PENCILS - Applying eyeliner with pencils can be extremely difficult and time consuming hence more people are discovering the advantages of semi permanent eyeliner


  • SYMMETRY - With semi permanent makeup eyeliner you no longer have to worry about matching your eyeliner ever again! Perfectly applied day in day out!

SPMU eyeliner.JPG
permanent make up eyeliner.JPEG
SPMU eyeliner.JPG
semi permanent make up eyeliner.JPEG



Lip Liner

Lip Liner & Blush



Top Up (18-24 Months Later)

Lip Liner & Full Blush Top Up



This treatment, without looking too ‘made-up’, eliminates that ‘nude’ feeling. It will give a perfect finish and therefore discreetly plump-up the look of your lips.

Fuller lips create a more youthful appearance. Many women would wish to achieve this look by lining the lips very softly outside the border, extra definition is given and without looking too made up this procedure will ‘plump up’ the appearance of your lips. The procedure also helps in preventing lipstick from bleeding. Imagine the convenience of having perfectly applied make up which enhances your natural features. With Semi-Permanent make up you can look effortlessly fresh faced and more youthful day after day.

Not everybody is blessed with full, perfectly shaped sensual lips, although most women would love to be. It is now possible to change the shape and shade of your lips.

As many clients are unhappy with ‘thin lips’, to restore lost definition Mel will line the lip very softly outside the border then blend, this prevents your lipstick from bleeding. As well as boosting the lip area, the treatment can correct any shape or symmetry concerns you may have. The treatment can also camouflage scars or facial lines surrounding the lips that are a result of ageing.

Women have a regular routine of applying and reapplying their lipstick during the day. This treatment, without looking too ‘made-up’, eliminates that ‘nude’ feeling. It will give a perfect finish and discreetly plump-up the look of your lips. For a more dramatic evening look, conventional make-up can be applied over the lipliner/full lip blush.


A separate consultation can be booked to help you decide on whether you wish to go ahead with a Semi Permanent Make Up treatment.

However, if you are happy to go ahead with your treatment an in depth consultation is always carried out, before your procedure. Design & pigment colours are advised & discussed with you. Mel will advise you which colour & shape would compliment & enhance your facial features, she will not go ahead with the actual treatment until you are entirely happy.

SEMI PERMANENT MAKE UP (Lipliner or Full Lip Blush)

SPMU (Cosmetic tattooing) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Tattooing for the purpose of fixing skin color is called micropigmentation. If you have uneven lips, they may be evened out cosmetically with a permanent tattoo.

As with any tattoo or permanent procedure, you should fully understand how it works, if you would like to more about this treatment then contact Mel at the Clinic for a consultation.



  • VOLUME - A Semi Permanent Makeup Lip treatment can create a fuller look by redefining the lip line and / or adding highlighting in the lip centre. Immediate result!


  • DEFINITION - Are you losing your lip definition? With this procedure Mel can recreate and redefine your lip line, giving you back your beautiful and sensual looking lips


  • JUST ADD GLOSS - With a variety of colours to choose from, after having your lips pigmented all you have to do is add some gloss and your lips will look fabulous


  • ANTI-AGEING - Do you have ageing lines around your mouth? Lip colour and definition will draw your eye away from the lines around your mouth and give you a more youthful appearance

Spmu Lipliner & Full Lip Blush.JPG
spmu lipliner and lip blush.JPG
spmu lips.jpg
Semi Permanent Lip Liner and Full Blush
permanent make up Lipliner & Full Lip Blush.JPG
spmu lipliner and full blush.JPG
Semi Permanent Full Lip healed look
permanent lip liner and full lip blush.JPG


Aftercare is key. If you can keep the area clean and don't pick, your procedures will heal quickly and look beautiful.

Taking care of the area of skin where you have had SPMU is similar to tattoo care, if a bit more intensive. The pigment immediately following the procedure will appear quite dark, and the skin underneath will be red. About two hours after your brow/lip procedure, carefully clean the treated area with  a damp cotton swab that has been dipped in sterilized water, do not rub the area. This will get rid of any excess pigment that is on your brows/lips. It will also keep the area sterile. It will take anywhere from 7-14 days for the skin to begin to appear healed and for the pigment to fade to its regular shade. This is not necessary after SPMU Eyeliner.

Follow these steps to properly take care of your skin after SPMU:

  • Do not touch or wet the treated area. Avoid getting the area wet for up to 10 days, which includes keeping your face dry during a shower.

  • Do not wash or cleanse over the treated area

  • The treated area may look darker originally but will change colour during your healing period

  • Don’t wear makeup over the treated area for at least a week. This is because the pigments are still settling in to the skin.

  • Do not apply any perfumed products, AHA's or creams over the treated area.

  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the treated area.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

  • Avoid vigorous exercise until the pigment has exfoliated off (approx 5-10 days).


Heal:  as soon as your procedure is finished your body will start to heal. The skin will close and you may see a thin scab which protects the area whilst healing.

Peel: after a few days the scab will fall away and you will see pigment.

Fade: you will see a lighter hue of implanted colour. This colour will change over 4/6 weeks.




Your procedure is not deemed complete until you have had both treatments, your second visit can be booked after 4-8 weeks and before 3 months.

If it is after 3 months it is deemed a re-touch and you may be charged accordingly.

Please note - from your first initial treatment the colour will fade 30 - 50%

DAY 1 – Onwards for the first week

  • The treated area may develop dry skin or sometimes heavy scabbing this is perfectly normal and is all part of the healing process.

  • Most importantly do not rub, pick or peel the treated area.

  • Avoid sunbeds for 4 weeks and no false tanning treatments for 1 week

How you take care of the scabbing area can be the difference between a successful, faded or patchy finish

After approximately one week the scabbing will fall off the treated area and it may look light and patchy but this is normal and will take 4-8 weeks to heal, but colour will progress daily.

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