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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgery like results without the downtime, recovery or cost



Non-surgical rhinoplasty, (also known as the "10-minute nose job," or “Liquid nose job) is an advanced, safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. It is an ideal & inexpensive choice for those who want to improve the shape of their nose, rather than the size. This procedure provides a quick fix in reshaping & modifying the nose with no downtime, no general anaesthesia, and no prolonged healing involved.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers strategically to the nose to achieve a better defined, straightened & lifted nose, providing more harmony & balance to the shape.

Meticulously placed filler injections can plump up the area around the bump, giving the illusion of a straight nose. Other improvements achieved with fillers include smoothing small indentations, creating a straighter looking nasal bridge, & lifting a drooping nose tip. By injecting filler into the tip of the nose Mel can lift it to create a cute turned up pixie/barbie result.

The procedure itself will not make the nose bigger or smaller, however a straighter & more defined nose can give the illusion that the nose is smaller & in harmony with the other features of the face. Additionally, it can enhance the frontal view of the face by contouring, improving asymmetry or deviation of the nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty / Nose Filler is an exceptional & affordable option for clients wanting to change the shape of their nose who do not want surgery.


The treatment takes 45 minutes, including aesthetic time, results are instant & usually last between 12 and 18 months, after which repeat treatments may be required to maintain the amended nose profile.

Clients will be invited back in Clinic for a post treatment 2 week review and top up, which is included in the initial price. Just like Lip Filler, Nose Filler often has to be built up safely to achieve desired look. Your post treatment review after 2 weeks is also to ensure you are completely happy with your results & to answer any further questions you may have following treatment.


Some clients may also require more than two sessions initially, depending on the complexity of the procedure and how much filler is required. Additional sessions will be charged accordingly. It can be a work in progress & patience is key.

What Does Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Do?


Many features of the nose may cause dissatisfaction with its appearance, affecting self-esteem and confidence. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can help correct a wide range of such imperfections:


  • A mildly crooked appearance of the nose (deviated spine)

  • A drooping tip of the nose

  • A bump on the bridge of the nose (dorsal hump)

  • A flat bridge of the nose

  • Age-related changes

  • Create the illusion of a thinner nose

If you are unhappy with your the look of your nose or side profile Contact Mel at Melanie Jayne's Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic for a confidential consultation..... The smallest changes can totally transforms someone’s confidence

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